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Paul Smith & Kask join forces to create cycling Utopia

It's well known in cycling circles that Paul Smith is a fan and has had a hand in various cycling related projects, from dressing the likes of Brad Wiggins and Mark Cavendish to working with brands including Rapha and Kask.

You've probably seen the two Kask Protone designs that formed the last collaboration between Paul Smith and Kask. I liked the 'blue gradient' enough to buy it (was never quite sure about the purple one).

Now there's a new lid on the block - Kask and Smith have got together again to create a new take on the Italian lid maker's aero road flagship, the Utopia.

I have to admit I'm in love with the photos, the design is unmistakably Paul Smith, but it also reminds me of an F1 driver's racing helmet. In fact, I like it so much, I've got one on order and can't wait to see what it looks like in the flesh!

You can see and order online on the Paul Smith website.


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