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Style over Substance?  Maybe....

Hello, my name is Matt and I'm a cycling kit addict.   And let's be honest, I'm not even close to being in recovery. 

While my bank balance would certainly disagree, I believe life is too short to ride boring bikes or wear dull kit (unless you're a ninja, but that's a different topic), so I take an unhealthy interest in the last gear released around the world - especially by the smaller designers.  Yes, I have (and even like) some big-name kit like Rapha, but one of the wonderful things about cycling kits is the explosion in the 'cottage industry' kit brands and the number of bike shops that now do collaboration kits (I have spent way too much time in Mellow Johnny's in Austin over the years). 

The purpose of my site is to share some of my favorites.  Make no mistake, my personal bias will be all over every post. I will promote some brands above others just because I like them and there are nice people behind them.  But I'll do my best to give everyone a fair crack of the whip.  

It's a two-way street, so if you want to bring gear to my attention and get my honest input on it, contact me below.

You can also find way too many mid-ride selfies on Instagram.  Check out @the_sartorial_cyclist 





This is where I highlight the single piece of kit that has most caught my attention or desire in the last month.  This month it is the special "Better In than Out" kit for the British NHS healthcare heroes, created by Huub.

If you're quick you might just sneak onto the final order and contribute towards the NHS charities. 

Nicely done, team. 

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