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Rave Coffee Signature Blend

Rave Coffee is a local roastery based in Cirencester that offers an impressively broad range of single bean and blended coffees. I was recommended them by a fellow triathlete-cum-cyclist, so ordered a batch of their best-selling Signature Blend (whole bean).

According to Rave's website, the Signature Blend is ideally at home in a flat white or a piccolo, but as I'm not (yet) that clever when it comes to 'fancy coffee', a simple espresso would have to do for me.

On opening the resealable the aroma from the medium/dark roast was very pleasing with a range of tones.

Into the grinder on a fine setting and then into a single shot espresso. The crema as the cup filled looked great and the smell was just what you want first thing in the morning, fresh and invigorating.

Finally, the taste. Rave describes it as "sweet and well balanced". I'd definitely agree with the well balanced although it was perhaps a little lighter than the sort of coffee I'd normally go for in the morning (when the maximum caffeine kick is required to raise me from a semi-comatose state!).

Very drinkable indeed and, I'd wager, near impossible to limit yourself to just one cup in the morning.

Notes from the roasters:

"MEDIUM/DARK:Roasted past the end of first crack but still shy of second crack. A dependable medium leaning towards the dark side."


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