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Komraid launches four new designs

After teasing us on Instagram a few weeks ago, Komraid surprised us with a product launch today, featuring a few completely new designs and a reworking of the 2020 'Cancano' kit.

First up are the two 'Merlin' designs, available in green (olive) and blue (sky). To me the inspiration is clear and both colourways look fantastic. My order is already in for the blue...

Next up is 'Spyder' which is a striking blue/flouro yellow little number that definitely has a strong summer vibe to it.

And finally the variation on the 'Cancano' kit, called 'Cancano Tramonto'. I have to admit I love this colour combination; it has a definite Henry Cavill superman outfit feel to it! I suspect this will be next on my wish list.

All four new designs - which include jerseys, shorts, arm warmers and gilets are available now on Komraid's website.


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