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Oakley Sutro S – small faces rejoice!

If you love the look of the Oakley Sutro sports sunglasses but felt they were just that little bit big to get away with (think Adam Yates and those huge Scott sunglasses), then Oakley has good news for you!

Hot on the heels of the release of the Kokoro range of sports sunglasses, they’ve just announced the Sutro S – the same style as the existing Sutro glasses but that little bit smaller. For people with ‘normal-sized’ faces.

The Sutro has always been marketed as a kind of in-between sunglasses, not as hardcore “sporty” as the Jawbreaker or Radar EV, but not as out of place on the bike as, say, a pair of Aviators (although each to their own, right?!). Oakley claims the design is “inspired by the daily life of urban cyclists”. Hopefully they’ll work equally well in deepest rural Wiltshire!

The current range (in the UK, at least) is limited to just five lens/frame combinations.

I’ll post an update when mine arrive and we can see whether this small face can carry them off (as it really couldn’t with the regular-sized Sutro!).


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