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Komraid "Swagger" socks

Komraid is expanding its range of cycling gear with the addition of its first batch of socks. Named "Swagger" they are designed to complement the various Komraid designs without being so closely tied to one kit or another that they can't be matched with other cycling gear (even non-Komraid, gosh!). The socks have a 6-inch cuff which Komraid believes is "not too long, not too short" (kinda "Goldilocks length" then?). They also feature seamless toes and heels and have built-in arch support.

Available initially in eight colourways, all priced at a £13 each, if these socks prove popular I'm sure we can expect to see more designs in the not-too-distant future. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some and will report back on how they perform.

In the meantime, picking a favourite is going to be tough...

Buy yours online at


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