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La Passione launches “Prestige” jerseys

Italian boutique cycling clothing brand, La Passione, has announced a new range of high-end jerseys and bib shorts that it calls the Prestige range. The jerseys are claimed to achieve a better fit with a new form of hip cut that ‘frames the body in the most comfortable way possible’.

Available in five block colours (no patterns here), the jersey sleeves and neck are laser cut and the promo pics give the impression that the material is definitely engineering towards warm summer riding.

It’s an interesting move from La Passione and at £96 for the jersey and £140 for the bib shorts, they aren’t kidding when they say high end.

According to La Passione’s website: “Our high-end jersey was created through detailed research and blends style and performance in a luxury piece that is suited to all aesthetic enthusiasts.”

Having a few pieces of La Passione kit in the cycling wardrobe already, I’d be keen to see how these new jerseys and bibs perform!


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