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Le Col hot weather jersey has hint of 2014 Team Sky sheer skinsuit

Le Col has just launched its new 'Pro Air Nexus' cycling jerseys for hot weather (not that we get much of that here in the UK!), made of a super lightweight mesh material.

As with most Le Col kit (Wiggins aside), the branding is suitably subtle and the quality appears to be top notch (although you are paying for it, see below).

Available in Khaki, Saffron (orange) and Slate (grey) for men; and Saffron, Fuchsia and Navy for women, it has to be said it's a good-looking jersey, if a little on the revealing side.

In fact, it reminded me of those photos of Chris Froome's Team Sky skinsuit from 2014..... an image none of us needed to see again, but nonetheless, here it is!

Hopefully the Le Col Pro Air Nexus might be just a little less revealing, especially since most of us don't quite have Froome's body fat percentage...

At £120, the Pro Air Nexus is a lot of dosh for not a lot of material. But if it performs as well as it looks, it will be a sound purchase for those lucky enough to need it.


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