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Oakley "Kokoro" collection sunglasses

Having resisted urges to buy any Oakley sunglasses for more than a year (I have 20+ pairs, N+1 was wearing thin as a justification to buy more), last week I finally relented and ordered a new pair.

The cause? The new Kokoro collection that was intended to be the signature glasses for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Meguru Yamaguchi is the Japanese-born artist behind the design (it's not really one design, as supposedly each and every pair in subtly unique). In English, "Kokoro" means "heart, mind, spirit". Pretty apt for an Olympics, even a postponed one.

The Kokoro treatment is available on a wide range of Oakley glasses including Jawbreaker, Radar EV, Flight Jackets, EV Zero Blades and Sutros. They all come with the Prizm Black lens (though personally I'll be testing out some other colour lenses when my frames arrive).

I'm going to guess that these will sell out soon, so I got my order in quickly. My Harmony Fade glasses from the 2018 Winter Olympics are still a firm favourite (albeit in the photo below I've swapped out the original ruby lens for a green/blue one to match the Komraid kit!).

So if you like the design and want a pair of the Kokoros, in whatever guise, I'd suggest you'd better be quick! Personally I went for Jawbreakers but I confess I'm wondering if I shouldn't have ordered the Flight Jackets!


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