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Rapha Legion Pro Team Training Jersey

Let's be honest. By the time you've read this, you're already too late. It's going to be sold out, for sure. But nonetheless it's a cycling jersey worthy of mention, if not for the rather attractive design (which it undoubtedly is), then definitely for the association with the Legion cycling team from Los Angeles.

As a team 'determined to champion diversity' I suspect that (and I'm one of the many that rushed to order it) there's going to be no shortage of cyclists that want to show their support of diversity in cycling.

Plus, let's face it, it's just a bloody cool design. And it's Rapha. And it's the Pro Team design which means if you're vaguely 'cycling-shaped', it should look damned good on.

Keep an eye on the second-hand market too; I can't help thinking a lot of these are being ordered with an eye to future rarity and resale value.

On the off-chance there's any left, this is where you'll find the Legion Pro Team Training Jersey.

UPDATE: 1st July 2020

Well, my jersey arrived this morning and I did a little video on the 'unboxing'. You can watch it now on YouTube:


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