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Starting 2021 with a lockdown

Let's be honest, we all saw it coming. And many of us probably wondered why the UK Govt deliberately waited until after Christmas and New Year to implement it (the average Brit is neither particularly clever nor selfless, so God knows how much social distance rule-flouting went on over Christmas. I guess we will find out in the hospitalization figures over the next few days...). But here we are, back in national lockdown.

From a training perspective, it's not all that exciting or limiting. We are at least sill allowed outside to exercise! And it should mean quieter roads when cycling outside (but, of course, it won't).

Although Zwift is still getting its fair share of use at the moment. I find the controlled environment, combined with the ergo mode on the Elite Direto, better for those prescribed sessions where you need to hold a particular power for a given duration. And, much as I do prefer cycling outside, sometimes you don't want to be doing FTP efforts when the available grip is at best questionable!

More importantly, and disappointingly, the latest lockdown throws any early-season TT races into doubt. It seems we are locked-down until at least mid-February, with signs that any lifting will be staged and who knows how slowly that will happen.

I'm going to guess that we won't be racing until the end of March at the earliest. Not too many TTs before then, I know, but still a delayed start to the season. And that's perhaps optimistic.

As for me, I think I'm going to have a bit of a play with distances, if the race calendar allows. It's been two years since I did a 50-mile TT in anger and I've yet to do a 100-miler. So both of those have to be targets for 2021. As well as finally getting a sub-20 10-mile (will need a place on a decent course, which might be a long shot with my current 10-mile PB) and a sub-50 25-mile (ditto).

I might even spend a bit more time off-road. But then that's not exactly 'training' is it?

Stay safe everyone, see you on Zwift or Strava (just search for "The Sartorial Cyclist"!).


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